GERHARD'S Original Bratwurst

Gerhard's Original Bratwurst is our classic standard bratwurst. A family recipe and the simplest of ingredients. This brat is packed with flavor and is a little bit of Austria made with the best pork from the Midwest.


Our version of the "Debreziner," a spicy sausage packed with the punch of Hungarian paprika.

GERHARD'S Smoked Bratwurst

Our special bratwurst recipe, and smoked for days to bring out the rich and intense flavor that only genuine hardwood smoking can deliver.



Gerhard's Apfelkraut is a traditional, European-style sauerkraut, with a simmered apple and caramelized onion base, excellent served warm or cold. Pair it with our brats or as a delicious and healthy side salad! Vegan recipe.

GERHARD'S KÄsewurst (smoked CHeese brat)

We take our smoked bratwurst and add Emmenthaler Swiss cheese, for melty, savory perfection. Back in Austria, this is known as a 'Käsekrainer' - the favorite snack at Vienna's streetside sausage carts.


Made with outstanding German lager beer from Bauhaus Brew Labs, this brat is loaded with beer flavor!